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Maple Syrup (Maple Leaf Glass Flasks)



Maple Syrup “Leaves” make perfect gifts!

Flavor Choices:

2022-23 Update: Right now we only have Amber Syrup available. If you enjoy Dark Maple Syrup you’ll enjoy the Amber too. Look for more Dark Maple Syrup to be available after our sugar season in 2023! 

Maplewood Farms Amber Maple Syrup has a rich taste. This syrup is perfect for serving on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal. It’s what you’ll find in most restaurants and is the perfect “table” syrup!

Amber Syrup used to be called “Grade A” before the new flavor profile system was adopted.

Maplewood Farms Dark Maple Syrup has a robust taste. This syrup has a dark color and more robust or stronger taste than our Amber Maple Syrup with a Rich Taste. Some people say it has a slight molasses flavor. It’s wonderful for baking and cooking so that the maple flavor shines through!

If you enjoyed “Grade B” maple syrup you would probably enjoy the Dark Robust syrup.


Maplewood Farms syrup is available in three sizes of maple leaf glass flasks:

  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml

If you prefer, we also offer this syrup in Plastic Jugs or Glass Flasks.

Additional information

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50 ml ($5), 100 ml ($10), 250 ml ($15)


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